Breathwork Facilitator Training Program

A comprehensive in-person & online training experience designed to revolutionize your relationship with the breath as a portal of potentiality for yourself and others. Together we'll marvel at your human experience, your soul's journey and the ripples you're here to create.

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Where Humanity & Divinity Meet

The holy and the human are coded in every breath.

In this training, you will become fluent in the intricate and intimate language of the breath and descend into the infinite well of wisdom and potentiality that lives within you. Into that place where you already live as your highest self and are guided by your deepest truth.

This Breathwork Facilitator Training is intended for those craving more depth, power and impact in their personal and professional practice. It's designed for the healers, coaches, mentors and wellness and health practitioners who want to incorporate breathwork as a complement to deepen and activate new levels of your unique magic.

This journey will take you to the depths of yourself. It is intended for those who have an established relationship with personal development work and are steeped in personal practices for regulation and integration. 

Through the hands-on experience, applied knowledge and mentorship within this training you will activate your unique and authentic way of confidently sharing the breath with others. 

This training offers an extensive exploration of:

* Embodied science, physiology and mechanics of breath for a grounded understanding of the body and its systems.

* Spiritual, intuitive and energetic dimensions of the breath for an inspired understanding of the seen and unseen realms.

* Human connection, communication and relational dynamics for the development of thriving and cocreative transformative relationships.

This training is a combination of live in-person and online learning and mentorship to support you in confidently sharing the practice of breathwork.

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3 Day Inner Revolution Journey 


Experience your Breath in a Whole New Way and Inspire the Evolution of your Soul.


  • Connect to the magic of your breath
  • Embody all parts of yourself 
  • Reclaim your power
  • And discover the capacity within to become your own medicine
Start my 3 Day Inner Revolution Journey Now!

An Extraordinary Journey

In & Through the Body


This is a devotional journey. A way of life. A conscious relationship with your breath activates the unique codes that live within you. Those codes that hold the power of your human and the potency of your soul's mission. Your deeper why for choosing to be here, now.

This experience works with the most powerful frequency to flow through you - your breath. It's intended to shift your vibrational frequency, internal cellular landscape and state of consciousness which naturally transforms how you experience the world around you.

Through your training, you'll explore both in-person hands-on as well online facilitation practice as you guide yourself and others to:

* Awaken new levels of consciousness

Rewire & reset the internal systems of the body

Forge new neural pathways & connections in the brain

Liberate from subconscious beliefs & patterns of limitation & lack

Free the body from long-held pain, dysfunction & dis-ease

Deepen connection, communication & intimacy in relationships

Reclaim parts of the human self & the soul's journey

Complete cycles that may have been carried for generations

Your training and mentorship journey is a profound exploration in a sacred container that will hold you as deep as you are willing to go. You'll experience remarkable clarity for your own life as well as for how you desire to impact and inspire others. Because you know that personal exploration is some of the most meaningful professional development.




Tap into the innate intelligence of your body as you become fluent in the wisdom of your unique life's journey.



Explore your inner mindscape and elevate your mindset as you unravel limiting stories, beliefs and patterns.



Connect with your highest self as you expand into deeper layers of who you are and why you're here.

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Mark Your Calendars 

Upcoming Breathwork Facilitator Training Dates


The Descent - Personal Mastery Journey 

March 5, 2024 - April 30, 2024

Live Online Course (8 weeks). No session April 16th.

Prerequisite for The Revolution Breathwork Facilitator Program.


The Revolution - Breathwork Facilitator Program 

May - December 2024

Online Opening Ceremony & Orientation

May 7, 2024 5-8pm PST

Online Mentorship, Practicum and Experiential Sessions

Tuesdays from May 14, 2024 - Dec 17, 2024 5-8pm PST

In-Person Retreats

May 23-26, 2024 & June 13-16 2024

Squamish, BC


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The Curriculum Includes:

  •  In-person hands on facilitation practice
  •  Supervised online facilitation practice
  •  Radically aligned and confident in your voice? 
  •  Radiantly alive and full of energy?
  •  Unapologetic and on purpose?
  •  Seen and celebrated for who you truly are?
  •  Ready to own your place and your path?

 Then let's do this.

Yes! I'm In!


Let It Be Easy & Gift Yourself ...

  • A cocreative relationship with your body as you become fluent in the language of your body and your breath and what it's trying to tell you
  • A mentorship with your heart as you strengthen and calibrate your inner compass and intuition for guidance in your unique way forward
  • An allyship with your mind as you embody profound awareness of your internal dialogue and creates ways to shift it for an empowered life journey

Your Breathwork Facilitator Training Includes:

Complete Intake & Visioning

* In-Person Immersion Training Retreat(s)

Personalized Breath Translation

Personal Exploration & Practical Application for Your Unique Practice

Hands-On Facilitation & Practicum Experience With Personalized Feedback

Monthly 1:1 Personal Facilitated Breath & Mentorship Sessions (Elevated Experience Only)

* Weekly Facilitated Online Group Sessions (breath & embodiment journeys & practical guidance & skill development sessions)

Soul-Attuned Embodiment Practices to Align & Connect Deeply with Your Body & Your Human

Reflective Exercises to Activate Deeper Clarity in Your Unique Way Forward

Customized Voice Notes, Videos & Playlists Based on the Group's Vibrational Frequency

Supportive Integrative Processes & Custom Integrative Practices

In-Between Chat Support for Clarity, Momentum & Accountability

* Personalized Knowledge Review Session

Special Bonuses & Surprises

Complimentary Follow-Up Call After Mentorship Completion


$8888 plus tax

Payment Plan

9 monthly payments of $1111 plus tax

If an alternate payment plan is desired, please get in touch. Partial scholarships may be available. Please contact [email protected] to discuss.

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Meet Your Guide...


My name is Carmen Ganne. Joy is my middle name, literally (and figuratively). I'm a Mama, Mentor and Mystic.

I'm also an International Breathwork Specialist and Breathwork Facilitator Trainer.

My style of breathwork focuses on repatterning how we breathe to shift our unique vibrational frequency and internal cellular landscape. As our inner world transforms, our outer world can hold our wildest dreams. Together we marvel at the intersection of science, spirit and human.

I'm in the 'this is the life I've been praying for' season of my journey and I'm finally (thank the gods) wise enough to allow myself to live it and enjoy it (mostly). I get how precious our journey on this planet truly is. The deeper I go, the deeper I go and I am in awe of the richness, beauty and challenge of this human experience.

Holding space for others came naturally to me. And so it became my work in the world over the past 20 years. First through coaching, then counselling, then teaching and hosting retreats. Now I'm in my element as a conduit for the divine as a mentor for others who are revolutionizing the planet with their gifts.


IG @carmenganneFB @carmenganne | [email protected] |

About This Style of Breathwork...


Life begins and ends with the breath.

Together we explore and descend into truly living an extraordinary journey in between.

We have this remarkable privilege to witness the birth of creation with every breath. We get to be with the formless (our breath/spirit) as it enters and animates our form (our human). We get to choose how we cocreate with spirit as it moves us and our unfolding life's journey. 

This is an active style of conscious connected breathwork that focuses on repatterning how we breathe to shift our unique vibrational frequency, internal cellular landscape and state of consciousness. As our inner world transforms, our outer world can hold our wildest dreams. This style offers a variety of facilitation techniques to complement the electromagnetic current that is created in a breath journey - hands-on, verbal, postural, and energetic.

Together we marvel at the intersection of science, spirit and human.

We’ve all been gifted our unique human to do this life with. And that human has a unique breath pattern that represents our lived experiences and the road we have walked.

Yet we are not our stories, we are the ones who live to tell the tale. 

How we breathe tells the story of how we live.

As we shift how we breathe, we shift how we show up in the world. We shift how the story of our life unfolds in real time.

A conscious relationship with the breath invites you to embark on a descent into living as your highest self, guided by your deepest truth. And if you allow it, you can't help but be changed. 

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Curious What It's Like to Work With Carmen?

Check it Out...

Isa B

 “If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be held by an angel in the most sacred and beautiful way, this is precisely how it feels to be facilitated by Carmen. Her magical way of weaving and clarifying is gentle and potent at the same time. I trust her with the most precious thing to me, my daughters. And I trust her to hold me as well. It’s a blessing to have access to her medicine.”

Danielle B

"I recently completed the 12 week Soul Illumination Breathwork Journey and I am forever changed. The way in which Carmen facilitates and holds space is unlike anything I have experienced before. Her gentle, loving presence allowed me to feel safe in showing up in my wholeness (particularly my “messiness” which I used to shy away from being seen in). Over the course of our journey together, I witnessed immense expansion and transformation in myself.
If you feel even a little bit called to experience her medicine, I invite you to lean in- you will find incredible comfort and support here. Working with Carmen has cracked me open in the most beautiful of ways.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Carsen V
"II joined Carmen’s 12 week breath journey at a time when I knew I needed support to prioritize my self-care. Carving out the time every week to explore my breath, connect in and reflect inward was truly the best gift I could have given myself. My experience was profound. Carmen exceeded all my expectations. She brings an epic clarity combined with embodied wisdom and a welcoming heart that creates the most beautiful safe and sacred container. I was thoroughly impressed with the care and attention I received and the depth of my weekly journeys. I gained many insights about my patterns and the gifts I bring to the world. I would leave our sessions feeling lighter, more expanded and grounded, with a deeper connection to myself and others. I felt truly seen, heard and honoured during every call. I highly recommend working with Carmen. It’s a transformative experience you can’t even imagine, that your heart and soul will thank you for!"

Rachel W

"Carmen has such a beautiful and calming presence and is able to translate and make sense of anything that comes up. She wholeheartedly shows up and this is so evident any time I am with her. Her knowledge and wisdom helps create the beautiful space she holds and every experience has its own unique gift to offer."



Heather F

"I just loved was a great balance of so much...I love the intuition and spirit and seen and unseen...she's just lovely! So sincere. She takes such special care in the work she does & with her community."

Tamara G

"Carmen gave me what I needed at the exact moment and to the depth that I needed and was able to receive it. She offered deep reflection and a gateway to my inner knowledge and connection to spirit. I received deep insight into how my inner world is reflecting externally. She also guided me through physical and emotional release in a powerful way and supported a deeper connection with myself and those around me. Her authenticity and ability to hold me without judgment is such a blessing."

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