Soul Luxury Breathwork.

The Art of Being Human is Luxury for the Soul.

If you're a visionary leader craving to expand your edge and your impact, this space is for you. Calibrate your nervous system to hold the expansion you're being asked to step into and experience your next level of evolution and embodiment.


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Ways to Weave Magic Together...

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Optimizing human potential through the breath. Learn the intricate and intimate language of the breath to facilitate inner and outer revolution.

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Personal 1:1 Mentorship

Fall in love with your own journey and live your potential. Nourish yourself on a soul level, stoke your inner fire and emerge changed.

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"I am forever changed. The way in which Carmen facilitates and holds space is unlike anything I have experienced before. Her gentle, loving presence allowed me to feel safe in showing up in my wholeness (particularly my “messiness” which I used to shy away from being seen in). Over the course of our journey together, I witnessed immense expansion and transformation in myself.

If you feel even a little bit called to experience her medicine, I invite you to lean in- you will find incredible comfort and support here. Working with Carmen has cracked me open in the most beautiful of ways.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Danielle B

Soul Luxury is...

Tapping into the richness of being human because that is luxury for your soul. It's marveling at the depth of the sensual nature of life on this planet. In awe of the potential to feel and touch so deeply, smell and taste so sweetly, see and hear so clearly. It's honouring your body temple as a home for the divine. And your time here on this earth as wildly purposeful.

Soul luxury is remembering and activating the unique gifts you're here to share. Honouring your choice to be here at this time. And embodying your magic and your medicine in the way only you can. It's truly living your soul's mission in the most miraculous ways.

It's celebrating that the heart of our collective human family beats for connection. And the magnificence that comes from being in relationship with the remarkable diversity of people, places and things around you.

It's tapping into the feeling of abundance for your soul through the beauty of nature, the magic of the breath and the gift of love in relationship. As much as it is tapping into the fruitfulness of the contrast, challenges and chaos within and around you.

Soul luxury isn't about the excess or the frivolous. And it's certainly not about a life lived at the surface. When you dive off the edge into what's possible for you this life, you'll surprise even yourself.

You into Luxury for Your Soul?

Desire to Have Your Version of it All? Me Too.

I've travelled the world exploring and learning how to feel at home in my body and lit up in my life. As an internationally trained breathwork and human connection specialist with over 15 years of experience holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve, I've found my way to living a life of luxury for my soul and redefining my experience of being human.

I hold a degree in social work and am a certified yoga teacher and advanced breathwork facilitator. As a conscious relationship expert, I work from a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in the science and spirit of connection. I guide revolutionary leaders to live fully embodied and move forward with empowered action for sustainable change.

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 “If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be held by an angel in the most sacred and beautiful way, this is precisely how it feels to be facilitated by Carmen. Her magical way of weaving and clarifying is gentle and potent at the same time. I trust her with the most precious thing to me, my daughters. And I trust her to hold me as well. It’s a blessing to have access to her medicine.”

Isabelle B

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