Descend Into Your Human & Soul

Personal Mentorship & Breathwork Training

This is a homecoming. A remembrance. A devotional dance with the inner most workings of your human and your soul. 

Your choice to be here is coded in every breath. Together we deepen and nurture your why for choosing to be here at this time in history and who, at your core, you are here to be.

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Unlocking the Holy & the Human in Every Breath...


You have already made the most courageous choice when you chose to come earthside. To receive your first breath. To be here, now. To be human.

You are already a loving, breathing miracle.

You are already a masterpiece.

And yet the deeper you go, the deeper you go.

You have the most extraordinary ability to cocreate your life's journey. 

You get to redefine your experience of being human. And continue to refine the unique ripple you are here to create.

Your time here on this earth is wildly purposeful.

Let's see where your journey leads you next...

The Descent

8-Week Personal Mastery Breathwork Journey.

In-Person or Live Online.

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The Revolution

8-Month Breathwork Facilitator Training.

In-Person & Live Online Course.

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The Evolution

Mentorship & Professional Development for Breathwork Facilitators.

Live Online Group Chat & Facilitated Journeys.

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The Legacy

1:1 Personal Mentorship Journey.

In-Person or Live Online with 1:1 Chat & Course Content.

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The Descent Podcast

The Conversations Your Soul Wants Your Human to Have.

Available on All Podcast Platforms.

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"I am forever changed. The way in which Carmen facilitates and holds space is unlike anything I have experienced before. Her gentle, loving presence allowed me to feel safe in showing up in my wholeness (particularly my “messiness” which I used to shy away from being seen in). Over the course of our journey together, I witnessed immense expansion and transformation in myself.

If you feel even a little bit called to experience her medicine, I invite you to lean in- you will find incredible comfort and support here. Working with Carmen has cracked me open in the most beautiful of ways.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Danielle B

The Luxury of Being a Full-Spectrum Human... 


There's a certain luxury for your soul that's available through the richness of being human. A marveling at the depth of the sensual nature of life on this planet. An awe for the potential that dwells where the human and the soul meet.  

There's a remembrance that's activated through your devotion to embodying and living your magic and your medicine in the way only you can.

There's also a certain responsibility that comes with a life lived at this depth of awareness and evolution. You are here to live, love and lead by example. 

This isn't about the excess or the frivolous. And it's certainly not about a life lived at the surface. When you dive off your edge into what's truly possible and available for you this life, you'll surprise even yourself.

Choose Your Journey

Desire to Have Your Version of it All? Me Too.

I'm a Mama, Mentor and Mystic redefining my experience of being human.

I've travelled the world exploring and learning how to feel at home in my body and lit up in my life. 

I'm also an International Breathwork Specialist and Breathwork Facilitator Trainer.

My style of breathwork focuses on repatterning how we breathe to shift our unique vibrational frequency and internal cellular landscape. As our inner world transforms, our outer world can hold our wildest dreams. Together we marvel at the intersection of science, spirit and human.

I'm in the 'this is the life I've been praying for' season of my journey and I'm finally (thank the gods) wise enough to allow myself to live it and enjoy it (mostly). I get how precious our journey on this planet truly is. The deeper I go, the deeper I go and I am in awe of the richness, beauty and challenge of this human experience.

Holding space for others came naturally to me. And so it became my work in the world over the past 20 years. First through coaching, then counselling, then teaching and hosting retreats. Now I'm in my element as a conduit for the divine as a mentor for others who are revolutionizing the planet with their gifts.

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 “If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be held by an angel in the most sacred and beautiful way, this is precisely how it feels to be facilitated by Carmen. Her magical way of weaving and clarifying is gentle and potent at the same time. I trust her with the most precious thing to me, my daughters. And I trust her to hold me as well. It’s a blessing to have access to her medicine.”

Isabelle B

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